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Feb 18, 2008 by

You may notice that this site now contains advertisements. One part of Google’s revolution is that it has enabled small-time content generators to receive advertising revenues. Google is rather vague on its payment terms, but does mention that it pays based upon two standard means: by impression and by click.

 By Impression

When a marketing company pays by impression, it pays the owner of a website for each time that an advertisement is loaded. This form of payment makes sense for many advertisements that do not require an immediate online action by the user. For instance, it would make sense for an advertisement promoting a football game being shown on television at 8 p.m. to pay by the impression, not by the click. As ultimately, the advertisement’s goal is to promote an offline behavior (watching television), whether or not the user takes action online should not matter.

 By Click

Sometimes, a marketing company is only interested in paying by the click. For the content provider to receive revenue, a visitor to his website must click on an advertisement. This mode of advertising makes sense in situations where an immediate online action is required, such as in the promotion of a website or the online sale of a product.

In Conclusion

Google has made it easier for everyone to add advertisements to their websites. As a result, people no longer have to enter independently into contracts with advertising providers. This has leveled the playing-field for generators of web content, as now everyone can monetize!


  1. Google now has Pay Per Action which is really good. PPA is the future as the advertisers get real actions for their money. With PPC a competitor can ruin you.

  2. That’s interesting, I didn’t realize that they pay by impression I thought it was only by ads that where clicked on. Thanks for the information.

  3. Norm

    I currently have google ads on my website. I don’t find that I get a sizable amount of income from them. Despite the fact that they pay by both impression and click. I’ve probably made only twenty five cents after a year of having google ads. Do you recommend any way to increase revenue from google ads?

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