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It will soon once again be the season of giving. In the holiday spirit, charity-minded readers may wish to consider giving money to the disadvantaged. Along with a large team of students, primarily based out of the University of Pennsylvania, I have helped create a site called Givology that enables people to make donations. The site’s purpose is to help people donate money to children in developing nations to spend on their education. We have decided to focus on developing nations, as the impact of a small donation is much larger there due to the difference in the purchasing power of a dollar.

Givology emphasises transparency and consumerism in the giving process. Rather than giving general donations, users of Givology pick individual children to recieve their contributions. The site features photos and descriptions of the children, as well as the means for donors to receive periodic updates about the status of the children to which they have donated. We have uploaded the handwritten autobiographies of the children and have included translations, as they are not written in English.

Givology primarily is meant to provide impoverished children with the financial resources that they need to obtain an education. Even in nations with free public education, some children cannot afford the supplies that they to attend school and be productive students. While most of the giving opportunities on Givology pertain to individuals, there is also the possibility of contributing to educational infrastructure projects. I personally donated to a project in which poplar trees were planted near a school, and their byproducts were sold as a sustainable source of revenue for that school. Fortunately, it has now been fully funded! Nonetheless, there are many children to whom you can still contribute. While at the moment, most of the children on the site are from China, we are actively in the process of adding children from other countries.

All contributions to Givology are tax-deductible, as Givology is affiliated with the Phelex Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Givology can be visited at

This is an example of a student profile on Givology.

This is an example of a student profile on Givology.

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