The Value of a Rupee

May 23, 2011 by

Greetings from India, home of the Indian Rupee. Having previously written about the value of the Canadian Dollar, Chinese Renminbi, and the Euro in Germany, it only makes sense to give the Rupee the same treatment.

 Indian Rupees

For starters, $1 U.S. is equivalent to 45 Rupees. So, how many Rupees do things cost?


  • Name-brand bottled water: R20
  • Off-brand bottled water: R10
  • Can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi: R25
  • Bottle of beer: R150
  • Meat dinner entree at a restaurant: R90 – R150
  • Vegetarian meal on a train: R75
  • Bag of Masala Munch chips: R6
  • Bag of peanut brittle: R10


  • Bus trip, 60km: R11
  • Autorickshaw trip: R14 + R7 per kilometer

National Monuments:

  • For Indians: R2 to R5
  • For non-Indians: about R30


  • DVD movies: R20
  • Internet access in a cyber cafe: R10 – R20 per hour

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