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Nov 14, 2006 by

Per your request, I am now listing terms that I have previously defined on the “Glossary” page of this blog. Check the right-hand column for a link to the Glossary.

Also, I would like to ask a question of my readership. (This question is simultaneously being asked of people on

When will the Dow’s rally end? I will consider the rally over when the market closes lower on Friday than it opened at on Monday. (Substantially lower, perhaps 2%+.)

I had predicted that the rally would end last week. As it didn’t, I am now baffled. Historically, the market has picked up at the end of the calendar year, in part due to companies trying to meet numbers, and in part due to fourth quarter holiday sales. At the moment, I am not holding any ETFs based in America. I sold off all non-Asian ETFs before the election last week. I’d like to reinvest some money here, but I’m not sure when will be the right time. So, when should I invest my money? I guess this blog should ask, “When would you invest $2,000?” in addition to asking, “How would you invest $2,000?”

Please leave your responses as comments on this post. (People on can leave their responses via the mturk response system.)

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