What topics should I cover in future entries?

Mar 12, 2007 by

I’ve written about a lot of topics in personal finance that I have thought to be of general interest to my readership. However, I have yet to directly ask: What would you like me to write about?

Please propose topics or ask questions by commenting on this entry.

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  1. Suggested investment uses for one’s tax return…if it has not be spent yet or earmarked for a necessity.

    Small investments that one can make…especially on a rockbottom budget.

    Mistakes to avoid.

    How to get out of an investing mistake.

    What should your portfolio look like at the various stages of your life?

    How to save yourself quickly in the face of a major investment error.

    Basic definitions & lessons about investing.

    Who your investing mentors are. Profiles of successful investors & portfolios.

    How things are actually going with your own investment efforts…getting to know the author of this blog.

    Book recommendations.

  2. some mturker

    I’d like you to write about investment possibilities for small investors. Not “small investors” like your average finance magazine or website (for whom “small investors” have several thousand to play with), but things that can be done for less than say, $500. That would be nice.

  3. Syed Shakeel

    Possible topics include:

    1. The rise of international economies such as China, India or Singapore and their direct and indirect effect on America.

    2. The gradual decline of the U.S. as a financial powerhouse in the wake of emerging econmies.

    3. The long-term effect of U.S. budget deficits.

  4. Erica Herrod

    Money management, starting an investment portfolio for young families.

  5. Shannon

    1. Factors to consider when deciding whether to sell or hold a stock

    2. Which television analysts give the best recommendations and which just blow a lot of hot air

    3. How, when, and why you got started in investing

    4. What to look for when reading a prospectus

  6. I have to say that in reference with the stock market’s recent drop, the subprime mortgage issues, and the state of the country, that I’m supprised you still spend as much time as you do on “Typical” investment strategies.

    In other words, those that imply that the world will do better tomorrow than it is today.

    Anything that says it can “Beat the market” implies that the market will continue to grow at a 8%-12% (depending on which market and who is counting) rate.

    I find my own investment strategies turning towards Gold and Silver, as well as more cautions investments that are resistant to swift market movements and bad news.

    You might cover these investment options and discuss pro’s and con’s.

  7. Hi,

    There are two basic areas of any market or company stock or ADR that you as a blogger can cover.
    1. Fundamental Analysis about it
    2. Technical Analysis about its behavior pattern

    Finally would be to sum up with your recommendations related to the market at that particular period of time.

    Posts that cover these basic points like what you find in my blog (http://orione.wordpress.com) will attract a lot of readers to take note of all favorable recommendations. As such your other posts seem to be in great taste.

  8. smith

    Money management, starting an investment portfolio for young families.

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