Which topics should I cover next?

May 21, 2007 by

Readers, I could use some inspiration on which topics to cover next. Please comment below with suggestions. What are you interested in learning about budgeting, personal finance, and investing?

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  1. Dave

    You should write an article about Prosper.com. Its essentially ebay for personal loans. Lenders and borrowers are matched up. Loans for new businesses, and debt consolidation loans are two very common types. I have been using the site for awhile. The returns are great for lenders, and the borrowers don’t have to deal with the hassle of a bank.

  2. Raghu

    Saving for post-retirement life.

  3. I would love more information on saving and getting a good return on my money. I have never been good with money and it would be nice to have someone who is good with it describe ways for me to trick or train myself into saving. Beyond the basic saving of money, how can I save and make the most off of my saving has always been a huge question for me because there seem to be so many options and I don’t know which really is best. Thanks!

  4. I’d be interested in seeing an article which teaches people a simple way to trade forex. Sure, the forex sites have tutorials, but they are very complicated. I wish it could be summarized and simplifyied a lot better. Another idea would be an article to link a child’s allowance to their performance in school. This way they naturally learn what it’s like to be a grown-up.

  5. Kiril

    I feel global imbalances and the effect that have on us (lay person) if Global liquidity is suddenly sucked out of the financial markets

  6. Venkatesan C Iyer

    What is the best way to deal in futures of commodities. Will it be possible to make money dealing in commodities futures. What are the factors that affect the fluctuation in commodities prices. Should there be govt. regulation in commodities futures to curb speculation. This is a topic I am greatly interested in this and would like to see your suggestion in this context.

  7. yogendra

    well i wud b intersted in knowin how to invest my money to get maximum gains..specially in commodities market apart from shares n mutual funds…like gold n metals etc.

  8. Nice blog you are writing. It is very interesting to read about investing and personal finance. I would like to know more on investing in stock market. How to understand the trends of the stock market and what moves to make next? An article addressing these issues could be useful.

  9. smith

    I feel global imbalances and the effect that have on us (lay person) if Global liquidity is suddenly sucked out of the financial markets

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