Adam's Law of Hotel Wi-Fi

Oct 26, 2010 by

Adam’s Law of Hotel Wi-Fi is: “The cheaper the room price, the cheaper, more plentiful,¬†and less encumbered the...

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Stacking Cash Back

Sep 28, 2009 by

No matter how much we save, we often must at times spend money. When doing so, the damage can be reduced through the use of multiple...

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Properly Incent Your Employees

Feb 25, 2008 by

Today, I had an extremely amusing experience while picking up several shirts that I had left at the dry cleaners ten days prior. I had...

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Everything is Negotiable

Oct 14, 2007 by

Today, I wanted to eat a chicken cheese steak (a Philadelphia specialty) from a food truck. There were two food trucks sitting next to...

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The Rally is Over

Jan 10, 2007 by

The Readers Were Right! On November 15th, I asked readers when the thought the Dow’s rally would end. See When Will the...

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Gift Certificates: An Update

Dec 17, 2006 by

Recently, I wrote an entry about how gift certificates are worth less than their face value to their recipients due to their lack of...

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Adam's Rules for Investin...

Dec 1, 2006 by

What to Buy -Under no circumstances will I buy a stock, or any instrument whose price can be influenced by a small group of...

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