Considering Analyst Ratings

Oct 22, 2012 by

Given the extent to which market sentiment can drive the pricing of a stock, it is important to periodically consider the nature of...

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The Future of Media, 2015-2030

Feb 20, 2010 by

The worlds of print, audio, and video media are in flux. The resources required for companies to be successful in the future world of...

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The Four Ps of Marketing and t...

Jan 30, 2010 by

One common way of examining what a firm is marketing is to look at the “Four Ps”, namely the product, promotion, price,...

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Stacking Cash Back

Sep 28, 2009 by

No matter how much we save, we often must at times spend money. When doing so, the damage can be reduced through the use of multiple...

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The Self-Promoting Product

Jan 24, 2009 by

Today, I would like to wish the Macintosh computer a happy 25th birthday! What is amazing about the Macintosh is that it is in a sense...

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Apple does it again

Oct 6, 2008 by

This week, Google released its Android cellphone platform. Android competes with iPhone OS. However, there are two key differences. 1....

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How I Began

Mar 27, 2007 by

In April 2000, I bought shares of Apple (AAPL) in a custodial account. As I was an Apple fan as a child, I wanted to support the...

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