How to Buy Renminbi

Nov 13, 2011 by

Numerous articles have been written about how the Chinese Renminbi (also known as the Chinese Yuan) is undervalued, relative to the...

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The Cost of Living in China

Jul 31, 2010 by

Last year, I went to Germany and compared German and American prices. This year brought me to the Chinese eastern seaboard, where I...

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How to Invest in Renminbi

Apr 17, 2010 by

My analytics reveal that the most popular query that leads people to this blog on Google is “invest in renminbi“....

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The Currency of a Contract Mat...

Feb 5, 2008 by

Recently, Bloomberg reported that the supermodel Giselle Bundchen wanted her contracts to be denominated in any currency but the...

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Will the Chinese Bubble Burst?

Oct 25, 2007 by

    The Skyline of Shanghai, China For the past several years, I have invested in China through FXI, an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)....

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Currency Arbitrage

Nov 11, 2006 by

As of today, one United States Dollar buys 7.8645 Chinese Renminbi. A year ago on this day, a dollar bought 8.0847 renminbi. So, what...

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