Recent Works

Insights in the Media

Healthcare Reform

Health Reform in 2013: What's Happened, What's Left & What it Means for Providers. Becker's Hospital Review. Jim McLaughlin.
Checks come as surprise under 'Obamacare'. CNN. William Hudson.
Small businesses fume, now seeing 'Obamacare' as unavoidable. The Christian Science Monitor. Mark Guarino.
The Impact of Obamacare on Senior Citizens. Home Health. Adam Powell.

Price Comparisons

Growth of patient navigation companies could impact traditional healthcare business. Healthcare Payer News. Stephanie Bouchard.
6 Trends in an Era of Consumer-Driven Healthcare. Becker's Hospital Review. Bob Spoerl.

Health Insurance Products

Making the most of that shiny new HSA. Reuters. Matt Stroud.

Health IT

3 Ways Telemedicine Can Help Alleviate the Physician Shortage. Becker's Hospital Review. Heather Punke.
5 ways telemedicine is reducing the cost of healthcare. Healthcare Finance News. Steff Deschenes.
6 Valuable Outcomes Cloud Technologies Offer Hospitals. Becker's Hospital Review. Kathleen Roney.
Telehealth Monitoring & Mobile Tech: Set Up for Success. FierceMobileHealthcare. Marla Durben-Hirsch.

Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions

How $7.7B Baylor, Scott & White Deal Might Affect Healthcare Costs. HealthLeaders Media. John Commins.
Steward plans to buy Mercy, continues path toward 'Big Med'. Healthcare Finance News. Stephanie Bouchard.
Health care reform encouraging hospital mergers. NBC News / Bucks County Courier Times. Crissa Shoemaker DeBree.
5 Best Practices for Cultural Changes Following a Transaction. Becker's Hospital Review. Kathleen Roney.

Practice Management

Overworked Doctors Cost Everyone. dailyRx. Sarah Wickline.
Texting Appointment Reminders. dailyRx. Sarah Wickline.
Healthcare: A patient in search of cure. Business Strategy Review. Nicos Savva.
The influence of fatigue on claim quality. Adam Powell.
5 Steps to Reducing Patient Non-Compliance in Surgery Centers. Becker's ASC Review. Taryn Tawoda.

Accountable Care Organizations & Value-Based Payment

Citing Cost Reductions, Highmark to Expand PCMH Initiative. HealthLeaders Media. John Commins.
Health care economist: Time studies could make ACO implementation tick. SearchHealthIT. Don Flucklinger.
ACO Contracts Make Healthcare Providers Accountable for Understanding Both Cost and Quality. Accountable Care News. Adam Powell.
How ASCs Can Become a Disruptive Force in the Healthcare Market: Q&A With Adam Powell of Payer+Provider Syndicate. Becker's ASC Review. Laura Miller.

Wellness and Best Practices

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight. Forbes. Adam Powell.
Shorter Stays are Good News. dailyRx. Dana Baroni.
What Does Cancer Cost Employers? dailyRx. Sarah Wickline.
What is Depression Costing You? dailyRx. Kate Gose.
More Doctor Visits Good for Dialysis. dailyRx. Travis Hill.
Substance use disorders a heavy financial cost on the health care system. dailyRx. Sarah Wickline.
Weight Lost is Money Saved. dailyRx. Jessica Smith.
Pain is More Than Expensive. dailyRx. Sarah Wickline.
First and Secondhand Smoke is Deadly. dailyRx. Sarah Wickline.

Chinese Healthcare

The Changing Role of Pharmaceuticals in China and the United States. Fair Observer. Adam Powell.
China's Healthcare System. China Law Blog. Damjan DeNoble.
Dr. Adam Powell on healthcare reforms in China and America. Asia Healthcare Blog. Damjan DeNoble.
Chinese and American Healthcare Systems: A Comparison. Fair Observer. Adam Powell.

Longer Works

Challenges in Consumer-Oriented mHealth
-Describes the social and regulatory barriers to the adoption of mHealth technologies
-Provides advice for overcoming current challenges

The Impact of Health IT on Consumers, Payers, and Providers
-Describes how healthcare information technology is currently affecting the lives of consumers, payers, and providers now and over the course of the next five years
-Features an overview of industry, as well as descriptions of many specific applications.

Perspectives on Firm Decision Making During Risky Technology Acquisitions
-Explores the decision making process behind how hospitals acquire CT machines.
-Using a sample of over 200 radiologists and radiology administrators,
finds that uncertainty about a CT machine's performance in satisfying customer desires plays a greater role in the purchasing process than uncertainty about a CT machine's financial performance
-Written as my Wharton Ph.D. dissertation

The Increased Financial Burden of Further Proposed Orthopaedic Resident Work-Hour Reductions
-Estimates the cost of the orthopaedic resident work hour reductions caused by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's 2003 mandate
-Predicts the cost of further work hour reductions

Investing in Renminbi: Practical Approaches
-Personal finance article on means of profiting from the dollar/renminbi exchange rate
-Published in a journal distributed in both China and the U.S.

The Impact of Workload on Hospital Reimbursement: Overworked Servers Generate Lower Income
-Examines the impact of workload on the Diagnosis Related Group assignments and payments resulting from work in a hospital's trauma department
-Finds that the hospital receives lower reimbursements when its trauma department has a high workload and treats patients with infrequently seen conditions

To Our Health: The Role of IT in Healthcare
-Investigates the impact that information technology has had on the quality and cost of healthcare, while proposing potential means for further improvement
-Written as my MIT undergraduate thesis